Frequently Asked Questions

I do not want to use paypal.  Is there any other way to pay for my patterns?
I will accept checks.  Go to the ‘contact’ page and send me an email listing the patterns you want, if you are requesting  pdf downloads or printed copies, and how you wish to pay.  When I receive your check, your order will be processed.

When do I get my download?
You will get your download when you follow the URL (link) in your order confirmation email.  If you order directly from me, I will email the pdf.

How do I get my download?
This question is asked a lot.  When you order you will receive a confirmation email.  In this email is a link back to the web site.  You need to follow this link and sign back in to see the download.

Do you have graphs/ printed instructions?
All of the patterns have written instructions, and graphs when appropriate.  There are only a few where graphs do not apply.

I found an error in the pattern.  What do I do?
I try my best to write error free patterns, but they seem to happen anyway.  First, check out the errata page.  If there is a published correction you will find it there. Whenever an error is corrected, I replace the pdf  with the corrected version (with date added) so any further distribution of that pattern is corrected.  The Errata is dated, so depending on when you purchased the pattern, you may or may not have the latest version.

If there is no Errata, please let me know.  Send me the information on what errors you found.  I will research the problem, correct it and send you a new copy of the pattern.  The website will be update with the corrected pattern and an Errata entry added.

You did not include instructions for all the techniques used. For example: How do I make a bobble?
My apologies. I am trying to be more complete in my instructions. If however you do have any questions please contact me or go to YouTube. You can find wonderful instructional videos there.

Now for making a bobble, I have used 3 different size bobbles in my patterns.

  • The baby bobble – a small 2 stitch ‘bump’: You will see instructions for kbb (knit baby bobble) and pbb (purl baby bobble). For the kbb, knit into the front and back of the stitch. Turn the object and purl these 2 stitches. Turn, knit one stitch and slip the other stitch from the left to the right needle. Cast off the first stitch. Voila! Baby Bobble done.
  • To do the pbb, just reverse the knit and purl stitches. If you are working a purl row and want the bobble to show on this side, just reverse the knits and purls. (This applies to all the instructions below when you want to have a purled bobble).
  • A regular bobble: Depending on the size of the yarn and the size of the bobble wanted, I do either a 3 or 5 stitch bobble. For the 3 stitch bobble, knit in the front of the stitch, yo, knit in the front of the stitch. Turn. Purl these 3 stitches. Turn. Knit 2 stitches, cast off 1 stitch. Slip the third stitch to the right needle. Cast off 1 stitch.
  • For the 5 stitch bobble, knit in the front, yo, knit in the front, yo, knit in the front of the stitch.  Turn.  Purl these 5 stitches.  Turn. Knit and cast off 3 stitches.  Slip the fifth stitch to the right needle.  Cast off 1 stitch.

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