Little Piggy Patterns — Version 3

Piggy (Small)

You are now looking at version 3 of the Little Piggy Patterns website.   The first version was static.  I was just happy I had a site with a shopping cart.   Version 2 was a little better.  There were more pages, more information, and it was marginally easier for me to do updates.  With version 3 I’m hoping to have a more interactive site where I can add a post at any time without calling the tech, and also have the ability for you to comment on what I post, maybe run a couple polls to find out how you found the site, what types of patterns you want to see, etc.  And did you notice the Retail Outlets page with the map of stores that carry LPP patterns?  Cool!

I’m ready for feedback.  All comments welcome, whether it be about the site, the patterns, or whatever you think of.


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