Lots Happening Here!

Its been a busy month.  First you may be seeing many changes to the website.  I have my niece working on improving the look of the site.  There may be several iterations before we’re happy, but we want the best for you!

Next I’ve just published the Yum Yum bib set.   For those of you who want a quick shower or baby gift, this might be your answer.  The bibs include the designs from the Baby Cakes and I Scream blanket sets, as well as the YUM YUM design.  Go wild with your colors!

And finally, I was the featured designer in Berocco’s Designer Spotlight Blog on April 25 after they saw the Baby Cakes pattern.   (http://blog.berroco.com/2014/04/25/designer-spotlight-baby-cakes-by-linda-gavaldon/#more-7636).  What an honor. Thank you Berocco!


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