Showcasing this Winter’s Projects

I go to a national trade show twice a year to showcase and sell my pattens to retailers.  This winter the LAVENDER LACE and PICK ME UP PICKUPS blankets were the new designs for the show.

     Lavender Lace      Pick Me Up Pickups

LAVENDER LACE is my first lace project.  The skill level is still within the reach of intermediate knitters.  Besides being able to read a pattern, the only skills you need are yarn overs,  ‘slip, slip, knit’,  knit 2 together, and a simple 4 stitch front and back cables.  If you are unfamiliar with any of these techniques, YouTube is a great source of instructional videos.

PICK ME UP PICKUPS was designed as a customer request.  Since I like to change things up from pattern to pattern, I created this one working the length of the design on the needles rather than the width. This means the trucks drive up and down the sides of the blanket, rather than across the bottom and top. Don’t worry, if you’d rather work from the width, the instructions for that are also included.  For extra interest I added a simple block design to the center section.


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