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  • To The Point Baby Blanket

    To The Point Baby Blanket

    The “To The Point” blanket is quick, easy, soft, and drapes so nicely.  It starts with 2 triangles, joined at the center.  Then as you seemingly knit straight rows with a decrease in the center, magic happens, and the chevron shape takes place.  While this sample shows wide stripes, you […]



    This was a fun project for me that took me out of my comfort zone.  It is one of the few lace projects that I have attempt.  It was surprisingly easy once I hit my rhythm. If I were expecting a grandchild, this would be one of the patterns I […]

  • Color Me Dreaming Baby Blanket Set

    Color Me Dreaming Baby Blanket Set

    What kid doesn’t love a box of crayons. So let this blanket be their first exposure so they can ‘Dream in Color’. The bold primary (red, yellow, blue) & secondary colors (green, orange, purple) pop in the blanket that depicts 6 crayons. The colors are spelled out in the center […]

  • Snow Flake Wine Cozys

    Snow Flake Wine Cozys

    Is it too early to start prepping for Christmas?  I think not.  I’ve created this trio of wine cozys to celebrate the winter season. This is a very versatile pattern which uses the same instructions for the top and bottom, and allows for creativity in between. There are 2 snowflake […]

  • ‘ZOO’ology Wash Cloths

    ‘ZOO’ology Wash Cloths

    I’m aware that not everyone likes to tackle blanket projects.  They do take a bit of time and persistence.  So I try to incorporate my blanket themes into wash cloths.   Wash cloths make quick and easy shower gifts as well as small gifts for the toddler set. The Loveable Lion […]

  • Loveable Lion baby blanket

    Loveable Lion baby blanket

    This has been a busy winter for me.  The Loveable Lion blanket has been available for several months, I just haven’t been able to update my posts. This is a square blanket good for use as a baby seat throw or nap time snuggling blanket.  Who wouldn’t love the textured […]

  • SWEET HEARTS (baby blanket & bib set)

    SWEET HEARTS (baby blanket & bib set)

    Here is the latest design: a whimsical center out, lacy blanket for our sweet little babies paired with a cute heart bib.  The blanket features narrow stripes of eyelet surrounding wide stripes of eyelet hearts.  This pattern would look equally appealing in blues or greys for your favorite little boy! […]

  • I Scream Ice Cream on Sale!

    I Scream Ice Cream on Sale!

    In keeping with tradition,  every time we hit the next 100th order on the web site, we offer that customer her/his choice of  a free pattern, then discount that pattern for a month for the rest of the world. Dagenais, from Canada, was the most current winner.  She choose I […]

  • Anchors Away

    Anchors Away

      Are you ready to set sail with this little sailor?  Knit in Appalachian Organic Cotton, this  blanket and hat set is perfect for a little sailor.   This is a center out design that features anchors in the center, with gentle waves surrounding them.  Although it might look complicated,  the […]

  • Counting Sheep, Peg’s Way

    Counting Sheep, Peg’s Way

    Peg is my sister and she decided to create ‘Counting Sheep’ her own way. She took the border stitches from ‘Dinosaur Dynasty’, then add top and bottom rows of sheep. She figured out all the modifications on her own. May be I need to hire her to help with new […]


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