First E-Book: Zoo-ology Wash Cloths

ZOO-OLOGY COVER final (Small)

I’m working on bring you more value for your purchases from Little Piggy Patterns.  To this end, I have published my first e-book on Ravelry -“Zoo-ology An Animal Collection”.  This collection replaces the the original 4 wash cloth patterns (giraffe, lion, elephant, hippo) sold as a ‘set’.  I’ve added 2 new designs (camel, kangaroo) and updated the layout of the patterns.  These changes have not impacted the price.  You get 2 more designs for the same price.  I haven’t figured out how to add this to my web store, so this new combo is only available on Ravelry.  You can find it here:

Stay tuned for additional e-books later this summer.




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