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  • Little Piggy Patterns — Version 3

    Little Piggy Patterns — Version 3

    You are now looking at version 3 of the Little Piggy Patterns website.   The first version was static.  I was just happy I had a site with a shopping cart.   Version 2 was a little better.  There were more pages, more information, and it was marginally easier for me to […]

  • Showcasing this Winter’s Projects

    Showcasing this Winter’s Projects

    I go to a national trade show twice a year to showcase and sell my pattens to retailers.  This winter the LAVENDER LACE and PICK ME UP PICKUPS blankets were the new designs for the show.            LAVENDER LACE is my first lace project.  The skill […]

  • Wonderful Wine Cozy from Susan

    Wonderful Wine Cozy from Susan

    (CLICK ON PICTURE TO GET EXPANDED VIEW) Susan created a great Wine Glasses wine cozy in blue and white, with glass beads on the tie.  I heard the recipient love it!    


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